Digital Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Increase Traffic in 2022

It’s never easy increasing traffic to your website. The worst part is it’s only the beginning. You still have to convince these visitors to buy what you offer. An increase in traffic without an impact on the conversion rate doesn’t mean a thing. If you wish to boost your web traffic in 2022, these are the digital marketing tactics to consider. 

Optimize voice searches

Voice searches will be bigger than ever. Most companies will use this strategy to be more visible. While regular SEO will continue, more people will use voice assistants for searches. Whether it’s on their phone or through devices at home, reliance on voice searches will increase. If you decide to use this strategy to reach your target audience, you’re on the right path. However, not all businesses are doing it yet. You will take the lead if you decide to move in that direction now. It’s similar to regular SEO, but you will target longer keywords. 

Video marketing should be a priority 

Videos go viral, and you’re wasting the chance if you don’t have a video marketing technique. You want to convince people to buy what you offer without using direct advertising strategies. Videos have to be creative to stand out. Many companies also use videos for advertising. If you want the best concept, work with a digital marketing agency in Portland. You can also create videos that will be popular with local audiences. 

Go back to email marketing 

Email marketing might seem obsolete to many, but it remains an excellent online marketing technique. First, you reach out to people who are most likely going to buy your products. The key is to create the right subject and message. Then, anyone who reads the email will feel enticed to visit your website and eventually buy your products. 

Build online presence through social media 

You can’t continue operating your business without a social media strategy. You must be all over the place since your target audiences use these platforms all the time. You should engage with them and try to understand what they want. Be creative in using your social media accounts. Respond to comments and messages. Build an online presence through social media and keep everyone updated about what’s going on. 

Use chatbots

Chatbots are now a feature that all websites must have. The goal is to allow immediate responses to questions regarding the company. Some people can’t connect with customer representatives, and these automatic replies help. Sure, everyone knows it’s only an automated response, but it’s good enough. The visitors also know they can talk to someone from the company soon. 

Work with social media influencers

Social media influencers can move people and inspire them to patronize products. Make sure you find the right people to represent your brand. They must have the same values as you. They will make your business more popular. It’s not only traffic that will increase, but the conversion rate. Sometimes, a single tweet from these influencers is enough to make people want a product. If you choose the right partner, you can see immediate results. However, be cautious not to choose the wrong person for this job, or you will be in trouble. Check out an agency for Portland SEO services for a more effective social media presence.


Hopefully, you find the right approach to SEO and build your online presence. Remember that things constantly change. You can’t be complacent if your traffic starts building up. Things could change in a snap. Your visitors might also not turn into paying customers. Anything can happen, and you should be more careful.

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