The Funtouch Vivo Y73 – An Overview


The ever popular Vivo Y73 is one of the most sought after phones from a smartphone maker. It comes in attractive colors and boasts an ultra-sleek, futuristic design. The dual tone step design truly speaks to the futuristic nature of this phone, while still providing an incredibly sleek and comfortable frame. The dual tone step design is a subtle touch that really stands out from the rest of the crowd. vivo y73

The Vivo Y73 gives you a complete value for your money with the features found on this smartphone. With a stunning dual camera and an impressively large main camera, this smartphone gives you all of the performance you would expect from a high end device. There are multiple apps loaded onto the phone including Google Maps, Gmail, and many other services you will find useful. The Vivo Y73 gives you an experience that exceeds expectations as it gives you a fully functional smartphone and loads a bunch of great apps.

The Vivo Y73’s unique design has a lot to offer. The stylish, thin frame and soft curves on the sides give it a nice futuristic look. The dual curved screens along with the dual cameras give it a unique look and feel. The Android OS that runs on the vivo y73 runs smoothly and is smooth and easy to use. All of these features make it a very practical choice when it comes to a smartphone.

The spaciousness of the Vivo Y73 is one of its biggest charms. You get a large colorful screen with amazing textures that really make it feel like a mini tablet. The funtouch keyboard and the large keypad provide you with everything you need to enjoy a full fledged experience.

The build quality and performance of the Vivo Y73 is excellent. The device is not too big nor is it too small. In fact, it feels perfect in your hands. The two major competitors all feature larger screens but the vivo y 73 feels significantly smaller. If you are used to larger smartphones, the ability to use the smaller main camera with the larger touch screen may be a shock.

The Vivo Y73 gives you a lot of options when it comes to a smartphone. It provides you with an excellent value for money. With a price around one hundred UK pounds, it is one of the most affordable Android phones. With a funtouch interface and a powerful dual camera setup, it’s no surprise that the vivo y 73 is becoming such a popular choice.

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